Well in honor of Reese Aleyna Lowell, beautiful daughter of Mary Beth and Roger Lowell.



Well in honor of Chase Allen Jacobs, handsome son of Chelsea and Mark Jacobs.



Well in honor of Zachary Michael DeYager, handsome son of Courtney and Shawn DeYager.



We have had a 10th well completed, but the photos are for the family only right now.  An 11th and 12th well are almost completed, and wells #13 and #14 are on the way!

The kids in these photos do not care that they are not wearing Abercrombie and Fitch or Hollister.  They don’t have the latest MP3 players or Nintendo DS games.  In fact, I bet they don’t even own a board game.  But they are SMILING!  You know why?  They are drinking CLEAN WATER today!

If that doesn’t make you smile, then nothing will!

Sarah (for all of us)