Yesterday was one of the greatest experiences in my life.  I was honored to run alongside Tisha (my “mom”) and Erin for 13.1 miles at the Dallas Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon.  It was very emotional and powerful to cross that finish line together.  For 13.1 miles I thought about the reason we were there running.  You can read more about my running experience on my personal blog.

Your pledges to Holden Uganda for the run totaled to over $1,500!!!  $13 really does add up!  I am humbled to say that the Lord gave all three of us the strength to run the whole thing.  He is a fan of HOPE, I think.
Erin will get the total pledged to Hope Mommies, and I will share with you.
I could not leave for work without sharing that BEAUTIFUL news.  I have a big blog coming soon about the run and the weekend.  But I just HAD to share that!
Blessed beyond words,
Sarah (for all of us at HUF)