Hello friends,

We are so excited about several opportunities to build more CLEAN water wells!  I will be running in the Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon on March 27th.  I would be THRILLED to get a $1 per mile pledge from all of you!!  $13 won’t crush your budget, but it WILL change lives.  PLEASE join us in this cause!!  You can donate at:
http://holdenuganda.org/www.holdenuganda.org/Donate_Purchase.html and click on “Donate”.  You will see the place you can donate to my run on the drop down menu. 
OR you can donate by simply texting “water” to 48510 from your cell phone! 

Thank you.  I can’t tell you how much more I enjoy running each night in my training, knowing it will help people around the globe.  Makes sore knees a lot less important!

We will also have our FIRST OFFICIAL Holden Uganda Run in North Carolina on August 27, 2011!  We will keep you posted about registration and information! 

Running to spread His love,