Tomorrow is Holden’s 4th month birthday in heaven.  I want to say that there is not a better gift to us, his parents, than knowing we have received donations for FOUR wells… All by his 4 month birthday!

Today I drank 64 ounces of clean water.  Each time I took a drink of my reverse-osmosis filtered water (we are spoiled), I thought of those precious African people who were drinking something I would never even water my yard with.  I thought about the moms who are filling their children’s cups with that filth, just hoping it doesn’t make their babies sick…or kill them.

I cannot fathom giving my sweet child something like that to ingest.

Because of you, 8,000 people will soon be drinking safe water.  8,000 people won’t be wondering if the next sip will be coming back up.  (Sorry that is a gross mental picture, but it’s the truth.)  Mommies will be able to give their beautiful children water that will make them grow to be healthy kids.  Daddies will know their families are safer.  Communities will be changed.

I have been asked many times why we chose an African (Ugandan, in particular) charity, instead of a local one.  The answer is simple: We were all so blessed and privileged to be born in the United States.  As Americans, we can turn on our faucets at any time and enjoy something that millions of people worldwide cannot: clean water.  The Lord has paved a way for us to provide clean water in Uganda.  It is His project, that we are just so blessed to be a very small part of.

Four months ago, I would never have believed this joy and hope could be possible.  I am in deep gratitude.

Well number 4 is dedicated to the handsome son of Holly and Ryan Steele, Landry James Steele.  Landry was born on July 24, 2010 and went to be with the Lord on July 26, 2010.
Humbly His,
Sarah (for all of us)