I have WONDERFUL NEWS I am going to share tonight, but I want to answer some frequently asked questions right now:

Q.  “How are the wells built?”
A.  These wells are built by tapping into the abundant artesian water, very near to the surface of the ground.  They are dug relatively shallow, then piped and filtered.  They are also built by Ugandans, so it doesn’t just save their lives, it stimulates their economy, thus changing their living dynamics as well.

Q. “May I build a well in someone’s honor, who I choose?”
A.  YES!  If you would like to build a well, separate from the original 9 wells we have on this initial goal, please email me at sarah@holdenuganda.org.  I will set up a separate fund and we can build a well in honor of the person you choose, as soon as the funds are received.  This meaningful gift will absolutely saves lives.

Q.  “About how long does it take for a well to be completed?”
A.  It takes about one week for the funds to be wired from our account to the Ugandan account.  After that, it takes anywhere from a week to two weeks to complete a well.  We receive photographs of the wells approximately 3 weeks after all the funds are received for them.

Q. “What percentage of my financial gift goes towards building wells?”
A.  100%!  Since there is no “middleman”, we do not use one cent towards anything other than building wells.  We send the funds directly to Dr. Patrick Mutano, who builds them with a team of Ugandan people.  ALL extra fees (i.e. postage, internet, website, etc.) are covered by the Erwins and Smiths.

Q. “Is my financial gift tax-deductible?”
A.  Yes, all financial gifts are tax-deductible, and we will send you a receipt for the amount you donate.

Q. “If I donate in honor of someone, how do you let them know?”
A.  Include their name and address on the payment system, and we will let them know about your thoughtful gift with a Holden Uganda card.  If it is for a birthday/anniversary/other special occasion, please make note of that, or email me at sarah@holdenuganda.org, so that I may add the special message on their card.

Q.  “Will you always just build wells in Uganda, and why did you choose Uganda?”
A.  We are well-aware of the fact that the dire water situation is worldwide in developing countries.  We felt the Lord lead us to share His love in Uganda though, as many doors have been opened there.  Uganda’s clean water need is staggering, and we could literally build thousands of wells there before the need is diminished.  If we ever feel that there is a need elsewhere that the Lord wants us to fulfill, we will certainly use Holden Uganda to meet that need.

Q.  “Can I set up a monthly pledge?”
A.  Yes, it is one of the options on the online payment system.  You simply check “recurring donation” on the payment screen.  If you need help with this, please email Chet at chet@holdenuganda.org.

Q.  “What if I want to learn more?”
A.  Call or email any of us.  My email is sarah@holdenuganda.org.  We will do our best to answer any questions you may have.