Today we share with you well #140, called the Kauta well providing clean water to 1,700 people.
We also share well #141, called the Akadot well providing clean water to about 1,300 people, both in honor of Quinn Ruthie Weber. 

These are the 3rd and 4th wells built in honor of Quinn Ruthie Weber. Praise God for the abundance of love given through clean water while honoring Quinn Ruthie Weber. The first and second wells in her honor were wells #129 and #132.

Quinn Ruthie Weber
#140 Kauta Well
#141 Akadot Well
Sept 9, 2010-Sept 9, 2010
1 John 1:5 and Isaiah 58:11
Constructed on: #140-10/9/13 and #141-10/7/13

 Lodoi Development Fund
“….God is Light, and in Him is no darkness at all.”

1 John 1:5″


Well #140

#141 was built by Quinn Ruthie Webber’s Grandparents

Our granddaughter, Quinn Ruthie Weber, had a very short life on earth. However, that short life was not without purpose. We want to remember her and also to honor her parents, Jason and Joyce, and her siblings, Owen, Helen, Jack, and Henry. We chose to do this instead of purchasing a small tractor that Jim’s dad used to own. Why not provide water for people who need it rather than purchase something we don’t need for a sentimental reason?

-Jim and Ruth Weber

Safe in the arms of Jesus. 

Isaiah 58:11