Below is the process for fully funded well or those that are in the process of being fully funded.

  1. Fill out the Well Submission Form selecting Separate Well. If you are willing, we’d love for you to share your story with us so we can understand the heart or legacy behind the donation.
  2. If your well is fully funded, please send a check to: P.O. Box 3577, Midland, TX 79702 (must include well name in the memo line).
  3. If your well is not fully funded, we will put you on the separate well list. As soon as your well is fully funded, mail us a check in the remaining amount. Then, we will wire your funds to Uganda (takes about a week) and construction on your well will begin. It takes approximately three weeks to build the well, depending on Uganda’s weather during construction.
  4. As soon as we receive photos of your well, we will first share them with you and then share them on social media. We love celebrating clean water through the legacy of your loved one and sharing the good news with our ministry family on social media.