A general well is a Hope Baby Well that needs funding and the family can’t provide the funds to build the well. Donations from our donors are necessary to build this kind of well. Here is the process for building a Hope Baby Well:

  1. Fill out the Well Submission Form selecting General Well. If you are able, please share your story with us.
  2. We will put your Hope Baby Well on our General Well List and. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee when or if your well will be funded, as rely on generous donors to fund wells on our general well list.
  3. As soon as your funds are raised for your well, we will send your funds in the order they were received. It is approximately three weeks from the time funds are wired until we receive pictures of your completed well, time frame will vary depending on weather, location of well, etc.
  4. We will e-mail you photos as soon as we receive them, then post them later on social media to allow you to share with family and friends first. If you need more time, please request a later upload date and we will be more than happy to accommodate.